Madhi is a village in Pathardi taluka of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra. It is 51 Km away from Ahmednagar towards east. Madhi is east of Nivdunge village on National Highway 222. Pathardi is 10 km from Madhi.

Samadhi place (grave) of Shri Kanifnath one of Navnaths.The Kanifnath fair is held on Phalguna Vadya 5(Holi) to Chaitra Shuddha 1(Gudhi Padwa) for 15 days in honour of the saint Kanifnath. Nearer to it is a Saint Machindranath samadhi.

It is believed to be the seat of one of the principal preachers and philosophers of the Nath sect, Kanifnath, as mentioned in the Navnath Sar (A composition that contains tenets of Navnath panth.) It is also a holy place for nomads of the Vaidu community from all over India.

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